TBI Care

January is National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month

What to do if a concussion is suspected   Remove the athlete from play. Ensure the athlete is evaluated by a health care professional experienced in evaluating concussions. Inform the athlete’s parents or guardians about the possible concussion. Keep the athlete out of play the day of the injury and until a health care professional […]

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Going Home with a TBI

People who have had a moderate or severe head injury may spend weeks or months in hospital before they are ready to go on to rehabilitation or to return home. Whether you go straight home from hospital, or into a neuro-rehabilitation center, depends on your needs. Before you leave hospital, you will have an assessment and be given a care

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Acupressure for TBI Care

Complementary medical treatments for TBI’s? A recent study out of the University of Colorado, Boulder indicates that an ancient form of “complementary” medicine MAY be effective in helping treat people with a mild traumatic brain injury, “TBI”.   The treatment known as acupressure, is where one’s fingertips are used to stimulate particular points on a person’s

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