Arranging Care

Compassionate Home Care Services

Determining Care Needs & Costs


Initial Phone Interview

Starting services with Dobson can simply begin by picking up the phone and calling us today! If you are interested in learning about the services we offer, our caregivers, scheduling, referrals, or if you have other care-related questions we can answer them during a short informational call. You may reach our RN Nurse Care Coordinator by calling 866-866-8984. Our RN Nurse Care Coordinators are available 24/7. 


One-On-One Interview

After the initial phone interview, you will personally meet with a Dobson RN Nurse Care Coordinator. Together, we will discuss what services you are looking for, how often care is needed, how Dobson can help you with your needs, and then develop a care plan.



Matching Your Needs with a Caregiver

Once the care plan has been completed, Dobson Healthcare will match your needs with the appropriate caregiver. This is completed by our Recruitment & Scheduling Coordination Team working together with the RN Nurse Care Coordinators to determine the best fit caregiver based on your needs.


Routine Care Conferences

Throughout the duration of care, you will always have access to your Care Coordination Team 24/7. A RN Nurse Care Coordinator will also visit you periodically to see how your services are going. Routine Care Conferences can include all healthcare providers, professionals, the family, the client, and our Care Coordination Team. If caring needs change, we are able to make them swiftly because of our open communication lines with all who are involved in the process.


Case Managers, Discharge Planners, or Healthcare Providers

At Dobson, our process of providing care is to make sure your mind is put at ease. We have realistic turnaround times for client conversion and scheduling needs with all care decisions made with fiscal responsibility. If you would like to refer a client, please call our RN Nurse Care Coordinators at 866-866-8984 to discuss your client’s and their needs. Please have the following information available to assist the process:

  • Client diagnosis
  • Location of the client
  • Services needed and type of care provider
  • Tentative date services will start
  • Payer source

Once you and the RN Nurse Care Coordinator have discussed the information above, we will then discuss what is best in terms of setting up a time and place for meeting with you, the client, involved healthcare providers, and the family. Depending on the acuity of care needed and the case manager’s preferences, we may have to set up several of these meetings. If the client is in a facility, we will meet you, the client, and the family there to discuss the best solution for a transition home.

Cost of Services

Dobson Healthcare has specialty Intake RNs that work directly with your insurance carriers and supplemental medical coverages to determine and coordinate the benefits that are covered by your policies for home care services. You can reach our RN Nurse Care Coordinators at 866-866-8984.

What are the services rates based on?

Each service and their associated rates vary. Furthermore, we at Dobson understand that each client’s situation is unique. Service rates are based on the following:

  • Level of care
  • Services requested
  • Type of caregiver needed
  • How often services are needed

What type of payments are accepted?

At Dobson, our process of providing care is to make sure your mind is put at ease so all care decisions are made with fiscal responsibility. In addition to the specialty contracts that can be negotiated, we accept a variety of payment types including:

  • Auto Insurance
  • Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Private Pay
  • Trust Benefits
  • VA Benefits
  • Worker’s Compensation