What If We Lost Our No-Fault Auto Insurance?

Many of our clients and their families have benefitted over the years from the current no-fault auto insurance that is required in the State of Michigan, with the proposed changes on the table for the legislators we want you to consider what would happen if we were to lose these benefits.  If you haven’t suffered a catastrophic injury from an accident the true cost of your care and recovery is hard to wrap your head around, but for those who have they can tell you about how quickly the cost of care piles up.  With a proposed cap on the benefits many in Michigan will quickly exhaust their benefits in the years to come.  To find out more about what these proposed changes would mean to you and your family we suggest you check out this article

If you would like to write to your representatives in support of keeping the current no-fault insurance standards in the state, you can find out more information on the CPAN website.