Celebrating 20 Years of Caring

Dear Friends,

On this, our Twentieth Anniversary of Dobson Healthcare [2008] I am often asked how I came to start my business. Well…believe it or not twenty years ago, I was a nurse working full time in a Lansing hospital and also part time for a national home healthcare company. One of my home care clients at the time was a teenage quadriplegic, who over the course of time became ventilator dependent. When this happened, the company I was working for told me that they could not provide the high tech care required for a vent dependent client in their home. So he would have to be placed into a nursing home until a facility that
accepted vent patients was found.

As you can imagine he was devastated, as was I. I knew the unfortunate reality of this teenager’s tragic
condition meant that the little independence he had would be constricted even more. Nursing homes caring
for clients with such complicated needs were few and far between. So, even when the care manager found a
nursing facility; it may not have been near his home or suitable for someone his age.

Through research and meeting with many physicians, nurses, and insurance case managers; I presented a
home care plan that would enable him to stay in his own home. As I had hoped, the proposal was approved
on a trial basis. With the assistance of many wonderful healthcare providers I found myself responsible for
coordinating and overseeing home care for our first patient. Our efforts proved to be a tremendous success
and this is how Dobson Healthcare Services was born!

We are fortunate! In today’s market, there are very few independently and locally owned home care agencies
remaining in business after twenty years. As the initial RN investor still actively involved, I am proud to say
our small East Lansing office (serving only Ingham County) has continually grown to the point that we
now have 3 Regional Offices caring for clients in more the 32 counties. Stretching from Lansing north to the
Mackinaw Bridge, our clients range from premature infants to 102 year old grandmothers.


Encouraged To Grow Through Strong Support!

There are few things you can do on your own! So, I want to “Thank You” for making staying at home
possible for so many people!

➢    To Our Dedicated Dobson Healthcare Administration and Field Staff: Realizing your
individual strengths in caring for various needs has helped many of our patients transition easily into
accepting care without ever changing services or moving! With your diverse training and passion for
helping others we are raising the bar for in-home quality care standards. We are fortunate to have you and
hundreds of highly qualified professionals as a part of our Dobson team!

➢    To Our Loyal Clients: We have learned and continue to learn from you. Your feedback has been
instrumental in the direction of our company as we have diversified our services to help others wishing to
stay home. You have influenced our hiring practices, services offered, training, and technology upgrades.
We are grateful for all your input and suggestions! Keep them coming!

➢    To Our Strong Bond With Referral Sources: Thank you to our physicians, nurses, case managers,
and social workers for your commitment to ensuring our mutual clients experience quality care. You
are an essential asset to our Care Coordination Team. Thank you for the friendship and professional
contributions you have offered. As a team, we have accomplished so much over the past twenty years.


The Next 20 Years: Motivated by Quality Care

First of all, we don’t want to be “just another home care company”. We want
to be “The Home Healthcare Company”. With your support and our drive for
continuous improvement we are passing this milestone and reaching for the next
without hesitation.

➢    We Are Committed to Our Clients & Their Healthcare Providers:
We have been proactive by tapping into the world of modern technology. Our goal
is to utilize mobile resources to provide better care and communication with our
clients, staff, and outside healthcare providers. We are researching and investing
in state-of-the-art computers, software, and communication systems designed to
improve day-to-day care and operations 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

➢    We Are Committed To Our Staff: Our team is only as good as our weakest
link. Therefore, we are investing company profits into improving healthcare
coverage and continuing education opportunities for our staff; so they may
take on new and expanded leadership roles within our company. As a result,
we continue to build the foundation of a very dynamic home care team with a
combination of young, seasoned, educated, and ambitious professionals.

I am Thankful and Proud of the fact that we are celebrating this milestone. At the
same time, I remain determined and committed to having Dobson Healthcare
Services provide another twenty years of quality home care to those in need.
In closing, I personally would like to thank each of you who have been part our
first 20 years in business and look forward to continuing our wonderful friendship.

Jami Dobson, President