Urgent Action on D-Insurance

Dr. Owen Perlman specializes in treating catastrophic auto accident victims. His column warning against the “worthless and Draconian” coverage proposed by Mayor Duggan’s D-Insurance plan was published in the Detroit News. -CPAN, March 24, 2016


D-Insurance isn’t what you think it is

Mayor Mike Duggan and the insurance companies that support his cause are trying to pull the wool over many eyes about the effect his proposed D-Insurance legislation will have on the people of Detroit.

Currently, the Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance Law guarantees that children who are seriously injured in auto accidents have comprehensive medical coverage for any product, service or accommodation that is “reasonably necessary” for their “care, recovery or rehabilitation.” There is no monetary cap to this coverage and it is available for the entire life of the child for as long as their injury exists. The law provides this coverage to children, even if their parents failed to buy auto insurance.

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