TBI’s Effect on Families

Families with a loved one who has suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury are directly effected by the changes to that loved ones personality, behavior, and physical ability.  No one can wave a magic wand and make the acceptance of these changes easy for any one. Family members will find that they need to spend additional time with the TBI Survivor, helping them both physically and emotionally has they come to terms with the changes. This additional time needed to care for the family member can cause strains on other relationships throughout the family.

Many of our clients family members will express that they have stress, guilt, and anxiety due to the additional time they need to commit to their family member.

The biggest challenge that we have noticed families facing is being able to fully understand what the Traumatic Brain Injury has done both physically and mentally to their loved one.   If you are caring for a newly diagnosed Traumatic Brain Injury Survivor this video will help you to better understand what they are now facing:

Understanding Traumatic Brain Injury

At Dobson Healthcare we are here for your family as you start the process of caring for a loved one with a Traumatic Brain Injury; helping you to keep life as normal as possible.  The staff at Dobson can easily assist you with finding such things as the right physician for your loved ones needs or the best gym for them to utilize in your area while they are in their recovery.