January is National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month

Extreme sports injuries to the head and neck
More than 4 million injuries were reported in the seven sports between 2000 and 2011. Eleven percent involved injuries to the head and neck with 83% of these involving the head.
Head and neck injuries increased significantly over the period studied with 34,565 occurring in 2000, while 40,042 occurred in 2011.
Skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing and motocross had the highest number of head and neck injuries. Mountain biking, snowmobiling, and surfing had the lowest numbers.
Snowboarding had the most concussions. In fact, about 30% of concussions in extreme sports occurred in snowboarding. Snow skiing was associated with about 25% of concussions.
Skateboarding and motocross had the most severe head and neck injuries, like skull fractures and cervical spine fractures.