26 Years! THANK YOU!

THANK YOU! Without YOU we wouldn’t be able to say we have been serving this great state for 26 years now!


We are so proud of this accomplishment and we are so incredibly blessed to continue to provide care to our clients throughout Michigan daily with the same core values that we started with in 1988.  The structure of our organization continues to grow and evolve, adapting to the changing times but we couldn’t be prouder.  From one small regional office in the start, with a handful of employees, we have grown into an organization with nearly 200 field staff, an administrative team of nearly 20 plus members and a statewide community support network with countless members.

How and where do we start counting our blessings?

As we continue on into our next 26 years know that we will continue to remain focused on you are clients and employees.  You are what make this organization tick.  You are what have made us continue to grow through the many years and we THANK YOU.

If we haven’t saw you in a long time, if you were a part of the Dobson Healthcare team in the early years, we would love to see you around sometime.  Stop in and say HELLO, tell this new generations of Dobson staff about how it was in the beginning, when we had all of our schedules in 3 ring binders and had to forward phones to our homes when we were on-call during the weekends, when we worked with typewriters.  Yes, we have been around that long!

Once again, THANK YOU!  Cheers to 26 Years!