2011 Verlene Ritter Award Handed Out

We Are Proud to Announce the 2011 Verlene Ritter Award Recipient

Leslie K., CENA – Bay City, Corporate Office

This award is dedicated to an outstanding Dobson Healthcare Services, Inc. employee who has shown their ability to provide excellent care and an unforgettable positive experience to our clients.

This year’s recipient is Leslie K., a CENA from the Bay City, Corporate Office.  Leslie has been a dedicated and loyal employee since January, 2011. She has been chosen for this award because of her scheduling flexibility, her ability to work well in difficult situations, and her strong clinical skills.  Additionally, she has excellent communication skills with our clients, client’s family members, and the office.  It is obvious she is very caring and passionate about her job.

Thank you Leslie for your continued hard work and commitment to our clients and  Dobson!