March 2016

What are the safety precautions with children in the home?

       According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, “…more than 60,000 young children end up in emergency rooms every year because they get into medicines when their parent or caregiver isn’t looking…” (CDC, 2011). This statistics resonates with us because our some of our caregivers take care of clients who have children in their homes.

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Basic Safety Rules

Our home healthcare caregivers work directly with individuals within the comfort of our client’s own home. Because of this, Dobson Healthcare and our caregivers have little control over the work environment, which may contain a number of safety and health hazards. In their overview of home healthcare hazards, OSHA states “…these hazards [could] include bloodborne pathogens and biological

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World Kidney Day 2016

As stated by The World Kidney Team “…The importance of identifying and treating childhood kidney diseases, instilling an awareness of the risks for their future from kidney damage that originates in childhood, therefore building healthier future generations!” The more you learn about Kidney Disease, the better your chances are for preventing it. Learn more about

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